Friday, 6 March 2015

We're back

We're back - safe and sound.

After a slow journey due to lots of traffic and some roadworks the coach is back, bags are being collected and most of us will be looking forward to an early night!

We're on our way home

It's 1.43 pm and we've just set off from Blists Hill on the coach.

See you soon.

Blists Hill

More photos from Blists Hill:


At Bliss Hill

At Blists Hill Victorian village, we first popped into the bank to change our money into the "old" shillings and pence. Then we have been looking around the village and doing a little shopping in the sweet shop and the grocers.


Now that looks like a good breakfast to me!

Up, ready... and with time to spare

Friday morning

Everone had great night sleep and feel very rested. The children are busy packing and stripping their bed before breakfast